Dr. Alex Mansfield

Hi. I graduated as Dr. sc. ETH Zürich from the Computer Vision Laboratory of ETH Zürich, Switzerland in January 2014. This website describes my research work there, supervised by Professor Luc Van Gool, which focused on applying methods from computer vision in computer graphics for editing photographs and 3D models.

Before that, I studied at St Catharine's College, University of Cambridge, UK for my B.A. M.Eng. (Hons.) in Information and Computer Engineering in the Department of Engineering.

Since completing my doctorate, I have been working as a software developer at faceshift and since 2015 at Apple in Zürich, Switzerland.

Later this year, I will be moving on to a new challenge: exploring the world under sail. My girlfriend Angie and I will be moving aboard a sailboat which will be our home and vessel for the foreseeable future. Together we will learn to maintain her, sail her short-handed, be skippers in all conditions, and explore the world with only own our curiosity to satisfy. You can follow our adventures on our blog Salty Toes.


History of Computer Vision

Joseph Mundy: Model-based Computer Vision (1987)